My First Boyfriend in Cuckold Marriage

I realize that the bulls are bisexual and that they are excited when humiliated husbands. My husband is not a submissive, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate a husband who allows humiliation.
I decided to break any relationships with the bulls and to find boyfriend for me. I threw my old phone number, buy a card with a new number, delete my profiles on dating sites, and made new.
In my profiles on dating sites, I have stated that I am married and that I want sex without obligation. I did not say that I was in a cuckold marriage. Two days after that, I met my first black boyfriend at the pool.
“You swim like a dolphin,” I told him.
“I like you,” he said with a smile.
We went twice in a remote bar. The third time we went to a motel. He was about ten years younger than me, tall with broad shoulders.
We kissed, and I unbuttoned his pants and pulled out a penis. Oh my God he’s huge. I started to suck it. After a minute penis was rock hard. I took off my panties. He raised me and put on his penis.  He began to fuck me, He stood, I hugged him around his neck. He fuck me hard. Pain and pleasure. A few orgasms in less than 15 minutes. After half an hour I could not do it anymore. I start to suck his penis. He cum in my mouth…


My Jealousy

I’m jealous that I have reason, when my husband at the party pays much attention to another woman. Any kind of sex with my husband and other women is not an option. I would cut off his balls when it happened. He is a faithful and I love him for it.
Alpha males are unfaithful, it’s in their nature and it’s normal for them. Alphas are great for sex, they’re confident and dominant, what women really like.

Alphas are doing what they want and they don’t care what others think about it. They usually have a lot of women with whom they have sex.

Am I jealous because my boyfriend have sex with other women?

Little or no, even I like it. I do not have any obligation. When we agree we have sex, talk a little and that’s all. I’m going back to my husband and his hugs.


Husband’s Jealousy

In a cuckold marriage is normal for a husband to be more or less jealous. He has an objective reason to be jealous.
The degree of husband’s  jealousy depends on the behavior of a hot wife. She can reduce jealousy to a minimum level or increase it to the maximum. A hot wife should first consider whether her marriage is important and how much. My marriage and family are very important to me.

How to reduce your husband’s jealousy to a minimum?

That much depends on the wife’s behavior when she is with her husband and children. The first, wife should not give his phone number to a bull or a boyfriend.
I bought another phone with a another number. I hold him in the office at work. I told him to not call me.  When he wants to meet with me, he just needs to send me a message in working time. The same thing I do. Then I tell my husband that I’ll come home later. He knows what that means. Every message, I immediately delete.
It is ugly and provokes more jealousy if my boyfriend calls me when I am at home with my husband and children.

It is very good and it reduces jealousy when husband and wife have a some kind of sexual act that wife do not work with her lover. It’s a cunnilingus for me and my husband.
My husband wants to know if I had sex with my boyfriend or not without details. Telling the details would only cause more jealousy.

Good time with husband. always be good for both of us. Some kind of sex, hug, kissing… We are bathing and showering together. We spend weekends with kids in nature when the weather is nice…

Bull Or Boyfriend in Cuckold Marriage?


Bull is dominant and almost always bisexual. He arouses comparisons between his big penis and husband’s little penis. The bull turns on when he humiliating husband, especially when hasband is sucking his cock, and hot wife all that watches.

Bull likes to have an influence on marriage, to determine who will work, what kind of sex can have a husband and wife, often he bans any form of sexual relationship between husband and wife.
Bull is extremely like getting into a marriage bed, and to throwing out a husband from a marriage bed.
Bull is good for cuckold marriage from which a bull and women enjoy to humiliate, and husband enjoys
Bull is good for cuckold marriage from which a bull and women enjoy to humiliate, and husband enjoys humiliation.



Boyfriend is an ordinary lover who does not even have to know that a wife lives in cuckold marriage.  I usually say that I am married, and that I just want excellent sex with him without obligation and complications.
Discretion is important to me, and that always gets better, when a guy doesn’t know that I’m in a cuckold marriage.
I am particularly pleased with the black Alpha male. Sex with them, is a wonderful. My husband never watches, listening or participates when I have sex with other men. It produces a minimum of humiliation and jealousy.

Why Most Cuckold Marriages End in Divorce?

Two men and one woman are a complicated combination. Successful cuckold marriage mostly depends on hot wife, less dependent on husband and least depends on the bull or a boyfriend.

Hot wife determines how much power will have in a relationship  husband, and how much power will have bull or boyfriend.

If hot wife give too much power to bull or boyfriend, marriage will probably collapse.
Sex between husband and wife is very important, it creates a bond between husband and wife. When I say sex, I’m not just thinking about penetrative sex. Oral sex that a husband gives to a wife is also a good thing to make bond If there is some form of sex that a woman gives to her husband ( blow job or hand job), then it is very good. The lack of any sex between husband and wife, or if sex is very rare leads to divorce.

Husband humiliation can also lead to divorce.
Most bulls try to humiliate hot wife husband as much as possible. Bull has two benefits when humiliating a husband. He is in his own eyes, and in eyes of a hot wife a better man. Hot Wife submits to him more if he humiliates her husband more.
Most women stop to love and respect a husband who has consented to great humiliation of the bull. That always leads to a divorce
Every man has a humiliating threshold. If humiliation is greater than that, the husband suffers greatly and that leads to divorce.

It happens that the boyfriend falls in love and then talks to a hot woman on a divorce. Sometimes a hot wife falls in love with a bull or boyfriend.
If Bull moves into a husband house and in his bed designed for husband and wife, this often leads to divorce.
Influencing Bull in family relationships, determining what a husband will do how and when, surely leads a divorce.

A woman from every man ( boyfriend, bull or husband) expects to they set some limits on her. For marriage, are particularly important, the boundaries that the husband sets.

The great majority of women wants a man who will behave like a man. Acceptance of

humiliation is not very desirable male trait.

When husband accepts more, humiliation, that his wife will soon stop to respect him. When a wife stop respect husband, she stop to love him too.

Problems with Bull

Sex with Bull was more than good, my husband more and more used to my occasional trips out of the house for sex, oral sex with my husband was a great…

From the very beginning Bull insisted that my husband is watching how he fuck me. Then he started to require of me, that my husband is watching sex and sucking his cock.
I started to read blogs that are written by the bulls and realized that bull enjoys sex more if he humiliates husband.
Woman on bull

One bull is wrote:
What a husband suffers more humiliation hot wife submits more to the bull
Bull has a strong bisexual. component in his personality. That’s what I personally don’t like. I broke up with him, I had another Bull who have similar requirements.

For what I wanted might be a better boyfriend than a bull?




First Sex With an Alpha Bull

I take off all my clothes, we kissed. I’m unbuttoned his pants, and pulled out a penis.He was half-erect. I started to suck it. He was thick and big. I could put in my mouth only head and a little more. When I did that the penis is completely hard, Bull wanted to lick me down there.


 “No. I’m wet down and that is the exclusive right of my husband.” I said
“I Won’t tell to your husband.” he said
“You want to piss me off? Put that big cock in me.” He did what I told him.
“Not strong right now.” I told him. When my vagina a little feedback I told him:
“Fuck me hard!?
We fucked in standard missionary position, than I ride him, doggy… Big cock filled my whole vagina, I was under the impression that some part came in the uterus. Half an hour was enough for me. I showered myself, washed away the bull from me and go home
Husband prepared the Jacuzzi with hot water for me.
“How was it? “He asked
“It was good, great. “I said.    I saw on his face that he didn’t like what I said.
“It’s just sex honey. I love you”  I hugged and kissed him. He started to kiss me down.
“Oh Honey.”  I had a powerful orgasm stronger than usual during oral sex.
“I suppose to my penetration was even more pathetic than before? That’s why it’s better to have only oral sex for you.
“I agree Honey. Do you want to suck your cock?”
“Are you sucking bull penis”
“I’d rather hand job.”



There are many sites for dating, General and specific, for some fetish or lifestyle as a cuckold marriage. Often on a general dating site you can find a better guy for wild sex than when you’re looking for a bull at the specific site for cuckold marriage/
Advantage of sites for cuckold marriage because men on these sites more or less know about the cuckold marriage. Downside is that it is what they know concerning за husbands who get a thrill out of watching their wives how having sex with bull.

I started with sites specialized for cuckold marriage, later I turned on the websites for the general dating.In the beginning I did correspond with three bulls. I met three times with each separately. On the third date I asked to show his penis. They were all average about 6 inches.

I didn’t have sex with any of them. They have lied to their penises are 8 inches or larger.
One said:
“I have lied, but when you already paid for the room we could have sex.”
“You can masturbate all night. I’m going home. ”

In another series of three Bull, with whom I date, one had a penis bigger than 8 inches.I fucked him. fucked him. He came in less than a minute.”I’ll call you.” I said. I didn’t call him more.
In the third group was the real Alpha Bull…

Six Levels Of Humiliation Of A Husband

When I talk about humiliation of a husband, I’m talking about ordinary men who do not excite when watching how his wife, fuck with the bull.

Level 1
When a husband has the knowledge that his wife has sex with other men, but  he does not hear or see the sex she has.

Level 2
When a husband from a neighboring room hears his wife moaning and screaming during sex with a bull.

Level 3
When a husband watch sex with his wife and bull.

Level 4
When husband Suck Bull Cock for wife

level 5
Sex with his wife and bull in husband marriage bed

Level 6
Expelling a husband from his bedroom, to his wife and bull can have sex in private.

My Fears

It’s hard to find a good man for marriage, that will be good for the family and children. I can say that I found it and I wouldn’t want to lose him.

My first fear is that my sexual activity from bedrooms come out in public. It would have complicated my marriage and maybe lead to divorce.

Another fear is that I fall in love with the bull and break up a marriage.I know that my relationship with alpha man would not last very long. Alphas are great for sex but not good for living together and bringing up children.

My sex outside marriage bed is always discreet. I’m never going out anywhere with the Bull. We meet, have sex and after that everyone goes to his home.

I once started to fall in love with my alpha men. I broke up with him right away and found the other one.