First Sex With an Alpha Bull

I take off all my clothes, we kissed. I’m unbuttoned his pants, and pulled out a penis.He was half-erect. I started to suck it. He was thick and big. I could put in my mouth only head and a little more. When I did that the penis is completely hard, Bull wanted to lick me down there.


 “No. I’m wet down and that is the exclusive right of my husband.” I said
“I Won’t tell to your husband.” he said
“You want to piss me off? Put that big cock in me.” He did what I told him.
“Not strong right now.” I told him. When my vagina a little feedback I told him:
“Fuck me hard!?
We fucked in standard missionary position, than I ride him, doggy… Big cock filled my whole vagina, I was under the impression that some part came in the uterus. Half an hour was enough for me. I showered myself, washed away the bull from me and go home
Husband prepared the Jacuzzi with hot water for me.
“How was it? “He asked
“It was good, great. “I said.    I saw on his face that he didn’t like what I said.
“It’s just sex honey. I love you”  I hugged and kissed him. He started to kiss me down.
“Oh Honey.”  I had a powerful orgasm stronger than usual during oral sex.
“I suppose to my penetration was even more pathetic than before? That’s why it’s better to have only oral sex for you.
“I agree Honey. Do you want to suck your cock?”
“Are you sucking bull penis”
“I’d rather hand job.”


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