Why Most Cuckold Marriages End in Divorce?

Two men and one woman are a complicated combination. Successful cuckold marriage mostly depends on hot wife, less dependent on husband and least depends on the bull or a boyfriend.

Hot wife determines how much power will have in a relationship  husband, and how much power will have bull or boyfriend.

If hot wife give too much power to bull or boyfriend, marriage will probably collapse.
Sex between husband and wife is very important, it creates a bond between husband and wife. When I say sex, I’m not just thinking about penetrative sex. Oral sex that a husband gives to a wife is also a good thing to make bond If there is some form of sex that a woman gives to her husband ( blow job or hand job), then it is very good. The lack of any sex between husband and wife, or if sex is very rare leads to divorce.

Husband humiliation can also lead to divorce.
Most bulls try to humiliate hot wife husband as much as possible. Bull has two benefits when humiliating a husband. He is in his own eyes, and in eyes of a hot wife a better man. Hot Wife submits to him more if he humiliates her husband more.
Most women stop to love and respect a husband who has consented to great humiliation of the bull. That always leads to a divorce
Every man has a humiliating threshold. If humiliation is greater than that, the husband suffers greatly and that leads to divorce.

It happens that the boyfriend falls in love and then talks to a hot woman on a divorce. Sometimes a hot wife falls in love with a bull or boyfriend.
If Bull moves into a husband house and in his bed designed for husband and wife, this often leads to divorce.
Influencing Bull in family relationships, determining what a husband will do how and when, surely leads a divorce.

A woman from every man ( boyfriend, bull or husband) expects to they set some limits on her. For marriage, are particularly important, the boundaries that the husband sets.

The great majority of women wants a man who will behave like a man. Acceptance of

humiliation is not very desirable male trait.

When husband accepts more, humiliation, that his wife will soon stop to respect him. When a wife stop respect husband, she stop to love him too.

2 thoughts on “Why Most Cuckold Marriages End in Divorce?

  1. Wife develop some emotional attachments to Bull. This is normal. But if there is no balance between Bull and husband, marriage will not last long. In marriages that broke down the wife and Bull, as usually jointly humiliated the husband until his breakup.

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